2013 Scholarship Winners
Friday, August 16, 2013

Kristen Warfield for being the 2013 recipient for the Richard E. Fitzsimmons Memorial Scholarship. Ms. Warfield recently graduated from Valley Central High School in Montgomery, New York where she had an excellent academic record including advanced college level courses in English and Spanish. She was also very active in school activities including tennis, choir, and the school newspaper and worked part time at a local supermarket. Her school counselor gave her a very good recommendation.

Camille Liverpool for being the 2013 recipient for the Dennis Devlin Memorial Scholarship. Ms. Liverpool was a student at Sunset Park High School in the Brooklyn where she had an excellent academic record in a college preparatory curriculum. She was active in school activities including the student government and in other activities including a vocal troupe, dance troupe, a fashion design club and basketball. She was a member of the Honor Society and was recognized for her academic excellence in Science. Her recommendation letters were outstanding and recognized her for both her achievements and personal qualities. One pointed out of her commitment and poise in speaking out at a public meeting when her school was threatened with cohabitation with another school in the same building.

Karolina Gajda for being the 2013 recipient for the Edward McGuiness Memorial Scholarship. Ms. Gajda recently graduated from Susan Wagner High School where she has an excellent academic record in their Scholars Program including several AP courses. She was active in school activities and sports, including band and varsity volleyball, and was a member of the National Honor Society. She was also involved in community activities including a charity drive for 9/11. Her letter of recommendation was excellent.

Welcome to Sandhogs Local 147

Thank you for visiting the web site of Laborers' Local Union No. 147. The leadership and members of Local 147 hope this website will be both informative and insightful.

Local 147, maybe better known as the Sandhogs, are part of the Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA). LIUNA is the most progressive, aggressive and fastest-growing union of construction workers, and one of the most diverse and effective unions representing over 800,000 men and women working towards better wages, benefits, safer job sites, and more opportunity.

Members of Local 147 are Tunnel Diggers and can be found working on major projects throughout New York City. The Sandhogs have worked on projects starting with the Brooklyn Bridge, Lincoln, Holland, Queens-Midtown, and Brooklyn-Battery Tunnels, along with most of New York City's subways, waterways, and sewers.

We work on the foundations of the buildings and bridges you use every day. We are dedicated, highly trained, and skilled group of workers that helps New York City run.    

Please take your time to peruse our site and see the wealth of information that is available. You can learn more About Us or the Training that makes us the highly skilled workers that we are. Thank You.